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Looking for Air Conditioner Installation?

Stay cool in the heat, and warm in the Winter with a new split system air con system. Everyone deserves a great air conditioning unit.

Split System Cooling Brands We Can Install (Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial Ltd, LG, Carrier, Fujitsu, Toshiba).


One Contractor From Start To Finish

When you book a contractor with us to install your air conditioning units you always get a freindly, fully qualified installer with both the required Registered Electrical Contractor and Plumbing Registartion Licenese.

That means no waiting on a second contractor and a faster, cheaper installation cost so you can get on with your day in peace.

If you don’t have your own air conditioning unit we can supply and install a quality wall mount split system at a price we’re sure you wont beat.

all in one air-conditioning unit installation services
fast, efficient and cost effective services in Melbourne


We Install Your Unit At Your Convenience

Because our contractors have all the nesasarry qualifications to complete the installation without the need for a seperate contractor we can get to work quickly, getting your heat pump installed usually within a couple hours so you can get on with your daily activities.

We also work locally which enables us to do more jobs in one day lowering the time you need to wait for your cooling system to be installed.

Since air conditioner installation is what we have been specialising in for the last 7 years, we have a range of experience to get your job completed no matter if you own a multi story building or a nice and cozy suburban home.


Five Years Warranty On Laboured Parts + Manufactures Warranty On Units

No one wants a poor installation or a failed unit to occur more than us. That is why we stand by our work and offer a full 5 year guarantee on products installed as well as a full manufacturures warrenty.

With system installers around that do not posses the correct qualifications you want to be 100% certain your installer has. If you have a freind install your unit or a general contractor without the right certificates your manufacturers warrenty may be voided from the start.

Save some money and….

how an air conditioning unit works explained in an image


Split cooling systems have their name due to half the system (condenser) being outside your home while the other half (fan coil) is set up within. When cooling, the warmer air from inside the space is taken in by the fan coil and got rid of, leading to cool air recirculating back into your home.

While reverse cycle enables the heat pump to run in reverse to supply heating throughout cold days. Split a/c systems can be fitted to specific spaces, locations or numerous spaces linked by copper piping to an outside device (condenser). Split cooling systems can be set up for approximately 9 spaces with just one outside system, and enabling specific temperature level control of each space.

Why Choose Us To Install Your Cooling System

A split system A.C unit’s optimum effectiveness and long-term dependability are directly related to the quality of the setup.

Each Air Conditioning setup can differ substantially. Whether it be a sound aspects, visual factors, issues about restricting access or hard to get to area’s around your home. We have been installing split systems successfully for over 7 years and have the experience to give you the best price on your installation without sacrificing quality.

We have substantial experience setting up air conditioning units in The City of Bayside, Glen Eira, Port Phillips and the surrounding suburban areas. From domestic houses and inner city skyrise homes, to business workplaces and stores.

All the wall split systems we install consist of back to back setup in the rate. If your setup differs from a basic back to back, or your unsure what that means, get in touch for more information and a no obligation quote.

Stay Cool This Summer Contact Us For A No Obligation Quote

Who We Work With

Electrician Bayside do electrical work for both commercial and residential customers specialising in Glen Eira, Port Phillip, Bayside and the surroundings suburbs in South East Melbourne.

We specialise in the installation of wall mounted split systems and provide an all in one services.

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Service Areas
We specialise in the eastern and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne including Bayside, Glen Eira and Port Phillips. We can install your split system at any location within these ares within a day or two in most situations. We also travel outside these areas for larger jobs and when times are slow so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote and availability.